2014 Updates

Over the course of the past year, plenty of folks have dropped in to make music at 1935. After tracking their record in one day, The Donuts spent a couple months mixing and mastering their new release “Pow!” Nixon’s Head was in to master their new release “MOd!” And then The Donuts and Nixon’s Head released their new records as a double album. The artwork is amazing. Pick up a copy here. The record release party with 1935 alumni Adam and Dave’s Bloodline is happening March 20, 2014.

The Spirit World have been busy putting the finishing touches on their new 4 song EP. Whirlwind days of recording/overdubbing/mixing have yielded great sounding tracks and lots of fun.

Philadelphia mainstays The Silence mixed a couple of songs last year and returned in early 2014 to cut more tunes for an upcoming release. We spent an incredibly enjoyable weekend working late into the evening tracking and overdubbing. A real standout on the session was Anthony Bove’s percussion overdubs – he stepped up the vibe on all the tunes.

JJL has been working their way through an increasingly heavier album for the past few months. Jay Laughlin keeps writing heavier and heavier riffs and the band is putting the ‘power’ in power trio. Unfortunately, they’ve suffered a devastating loss and could use some help getting back on their feet. Do what you can to help these fine gentlemen.