FALL 2014

It’s very exciting to report that JJL has released their long awaited debut EP The Tiger. It’s a heavy-duty affair, packed with RIFFS RIFFS RIFFS and so many guitar tracks that even Iron Maiden’s tractor trailers couldn’t hold ’em all. Super proud of this record and super psyched these guys have gotten it out to the masses, especially considering the hell they went thru to get to this point. Check out the band here and here.

Weird Hot stopped by last month to record and mix four songs to be included on their latest release, due in mid December of this year. We explored musical textures ranging from New Romantic bombast to moody, reverb-drenched late-night sensuality to Eno/Byrne-inspired flanged and pitch shifted everything. It was weird, it was hot. They’re releasing the album at this show at Johnny Brenda’s on December 19th.

Broken Prayers set up and knocked out 11 songs in an afternoon (!) earlier in October. We’re wading into the mix process now in order to whittle down the best performances to be included in an upcoming full length release.

Spirit World released their Time Scavenger EP in early October. Recorded, mixed, and mastered here at 1935, it’s full of BOLD ROCK MOVES and provocative lyric content bound to make you think harder. Pick up a copy here.

The fine folks of ICD9 were in over the late part of the summer to bust out four songs of the sleaziest “punkdustrialhardabilly” currently available on the black market. It was very very very PUNK RAWK. They played so fast that we think the band’s name has already changed.

You probably didn’t hear that Todd AO, one of the world’s preeminent audio post facilities, went bankrupt and had to auction off every last piece of gear. But we did and are happy to report we’ve become proud owners of a handful of lovely mics from this studio complex: a Soundelux U99, a Soundelux iFet7, a Microtech Gefell MT71S and MT711S, a Schoeps blue dot CMC4 U, a Shure SM56 Unidyne III, and even a Shure SM58! Hooray, mics!

Adding an amazing Rhodes part.

Carrie of Weird Hot adding an amazing Rhodes part.


Joe Boyle of Weird Hot


Weird Hot guitars.

Mix notes

Weird Hot mix notes session.


JJL record release show @ JBs. Photo: Amy Salit

JJL record release show @ JBs. Photo: Amy Salit

Broken Prayers fiddle overdubs.

Broken Prayers fiddle overdubs.