Holy moly, has it been a busy year so far. Neil Nathan spent a weekend in late January working up some new tunes for a long term project – really happy to have Neil back on the farm. Howling Fantods were in for a weekend in late February and did what so many bands do these days at 1935: walk in, turn up, rock out, and track an entire record in a weekend. Guitar overdubs, solos, vocals – the whole deal. Very pumped about this record. The Silence returned for a weekend in mid-March with completed overdubs on tracks we began last year and started mixing their record. It’s always a great option for bands who like to work this way – get all the basics done in a big studio,  then take the sessions away to work on all the time consuming stuff in the comfort of their own home/studio/rehearsal space/etc.   Work on the Broken Prayers record continues as well, focusing on new vocals, guitar bits, and mixing. What else is happening this spring? MIXING. All these records gotta get finished!