Spring 2016

So busy. No time for complete sentences. Mastered Shawn Kilroy’s latest solo record, “All Pinnochio’s Men.” Progressing through all kinds of overdubs on Neil Nathan’s new material, aided and abetted by producer Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner. Finished guitar and vocal overdubs for Sonic Screemers new record, now moving into the mix stage. Hosted indie supergroup Kindiana Jones, a collaborative consortium led by Mo Phillips that includes members of The Not-Its!, Little Miss AnnKB Whirly, Dean Jones (Dog On Fleas), Tim Sutton (Ratboy Jr.), Michael Napolitano (Michael & The Rockness Monsters). Session included an appearance of the Special Ops squad of the Philadelphia Ukulele Orchestra. Almost finished with another record needing a remix/remaster. Did some scoring. Lots of late nights down here.

Wired up a new Apogee Symphony I/O with 32 i/o for the new Pro Tools front end. Sounds dreamy. Added a pair of SM82 mics and an EV635A; hand built a L2A reamp box. Fun stuff.