a recording and production studio in South Philadelphia.

Studio News

FALL 2014

It’s very exciting to report that JJL has released their long awaited debut EP The Tiger. It’s a heavy-duty affair, packed with RIFFS RIFFS RIFFS and so many guitar tracks that even Iron Maiden’s tractor trailers couldn’t hold ’em all. Super proud of this record and super psyched these guys have gotten it out to […]

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Spring 2014

Psyched to be wrapping up two great projects this month. JJL finished mixing their 6-song album last week and The Spirit World just finished mastering tweaks to the 4-song album they recorded and mixed here. Looking forward to seeing both of these records out in the world, rocking everyone’s face off. Upgrades continue at the […]

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2014 Updates

Over the course of the past year, plenty of folks have dropped in to make music at 1935. After tracking their record in one day, The Donuts spent a couple months mixing and mastering their new release “Pow!” Nixon’s Head was in to master their new release “MOd!” And then The Donuts and Nixon’s Head […]

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The Donuts record ‘Progrum’, December 1st 2012

As in, “Change the channel, hun – my progrum is on!” The Donuts returned to 1935 this Saturday to record the follow up to Jet Ear,  the last record they tracked and mixed here in 2007. This time around we did it the old-fashioned way: thirteen songs in nine hours, minimal takes, no headphones, no overdubs, […]

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Lowlands (Italy) remixes, July & August

Long time friend and client of the studio Mike Brenner was kind enough to recommend 1935 to Ed Abbiati of Lowlands , an Italy-based rock band in the tradition of Whiskeytown, Soul Asylum and Marah. Ed needed six songs remixed for their upcoming release due out in the fall. The tracks ranged from blasts of […]

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JJL, July 14-15 2012

Here’s a few photos from the recent session with JJL, the latest project from Jay Laughlin (Lenola and Like A Fox). These guys make a lot of noise for a three piece, even before all the production layers. This ongoing project promises to be a lot of fun. You can find more pictures and a […]

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