The Donuts record ‘Progrum’, December 1st 2012

As in, “Change the channel, hun – my progrum is on!”

The Donuts returned to 1935 this Saturday to record the follow up to Jet Ear,  the last record they tracked and mixed here in 2007. This time around we did it the old-fashioned way: thirteen songs in nine hours, minimal takes, no headphones, no overdubs, no screwing around. Highlights included an obligatory perusal of the best tracks from People Let Me Get This Off My Chest; a bottle of Herradura Silver and 1792 Ridgemont Reserve to keep up the rock energy; Marra’s sausage and anchovy pizza to fuel the engines; and most importantly, re-recording the title track on top of the keeper take. While that may count as one big overdub, we’d prefer to think of it as an additional take as a means to an end. Besides, a little Wall Of Sound™ never hurt anyone.

The Donuts record ‘Progrum’. L-R: Burdman, Don “Don” Noodle, Chuck Vadge, Fathead, Deiter Affeschlüsselgruppe, J. Bearclaw. Click to embiggen.