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Founded in 2003 in the heart of South Philadelphia, 1935 is the recording studio and production work space of producer/engineer/mixer/sound designer/composer Pete Rydberg. 1935 offers production, engineering, mixing, and mastering services for musicians and also provides multiple audio services to a media-based client roster.

Media clients have relied upon Pete’s 20 years of experience in post production audio generating content for TV, radio, film, corporate video, online, social, and AR/VR platforms – which includes award winning sound design, original music, commercial and long-form editorial and mixing, voice casting, music supervision, location audio, and more. 1935 is also a certified Source Connect studio, so ISDN sessions from anywhere around the world are a breeze.

With a relaxed and familiar atmosphere that allows musicians to perform their best, 1935 blends both old and new technology and techniques to help create productions that both current and timeless. Located in a former Mummer clubhouse, the studio spans over 2000 square feet and is arranged without a traditional isolated control room, which makes for an easier workflow and promotes better communication between everyone. The studio is centered around Pro Tools HD and a Neotek Series I console that has seen plenty of Philadelphia music history: from WFLN’s live remote recordings of the Philadelphia Orchestra to Schoolly D’s groundbreaking “P.S.K. What Does It Mean?” to Marah’s Kids In Philly.

Whether it’s indie rock, garage rock, roots rock, psych rock, skull-crushing metal, traditional folk music, or charming ukulele ensembles, when it comes to music the focus is always on making great recordings. And if you’ve already made a great recording and just need a great mix, that’s easy too. With mix clients from right down the street to California to New York to Italy, don’t let geography stop your project from coming to 1935.

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Studio News

Summer 2017

Lots of great music has been rolling through 1935 this year – and nearly all of it from return clients. But when they become your friends, can you really call them clients anymore? Hmm… Shawn Kilroy brought in his latest self produced record for mixing and it exceeded all expectations when we finished it up […]

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Early Fall 2016

It’s been a whirlwind summer and the year promises to end at warp speed. Richard Hunter tracked his new record over five days in September, backed up by Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner, Mark Schreiber and John Cunningham. The Spirit World’s Memento Mori was mixed and mastered this summer and we just put the finishing touches on […]

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Spring 2016

So busy. No time for complete sentences. Mastered Shawn Kilroy’s latest solo record, “All Pinnochio’s Men.” Progressing through all kinds of overdubs on Neil Nathan’s new material, aided and abetted by producer Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner. Finished guitar and vocal overdubs for Sonic Screemers new record, now moving into the mix stage. Hosted indie supergroup Kindiana […]

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January 2016

2016 is off to a great start. Tracked the latest full length from Sonic Screemers with overdubs and mixes to follow; spent a weekend doing drum overdubs with Neil Nathan, Mike ‘Slo-Mo’ Brenner, and Mark Schreiber for Neil’s OTHER record he’s making at 1935. Plenty more on the way this spring…

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As mentioned here, the spring and summer has largely been spent wrapping up ongoing projects. The Howling Fantods have completed their 10-song record and the mastering done by Dan Coutant over at Sun Room Mastering helps make this record shine bright like the sun. The Silence has finished the majority of mixing for their record, […]

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Holy moly, has it been a busy year so far. Neil Nathan spent a weekend in late January working up some new tunes for a long term project – really happy to have Neil back on the farm. Howling Fantods were in for a weekend in late February and did what so many bands do […]

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